Monday 22nd July 2024
Monday 22nd July 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalButwal goes under lockdown until Bhadra 5

Butwal goes under lockdown until Bhadra 5

Butwal: The Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City has decided to put the city under lockdown after a rampant spread of corona infections at the community level.

On Wednesday, a meeting was held by the Covid-19 Crisis Management Committee, chaired by Sub-metropolitan Mayor ShivrajSubedi.

The meeting made the decision to put Butwal under lockdown starting from 11:45 pm on Thursday, August 13 to 11:45 pm on Friday, August 21. The Sub metropolis has given a time range of 24 hours for those wanting to enter or leave the city.

Only areas of critical service will remain open during the lockdown period. Transportation and sale of food items such as grains, milk and vegetable produce will also remain open.

Long-distance vehicles passing through Butwal will be allowed to pass, however, these vehicles will not be permitted to take any passengers.

“Banks and financial institutions will be allowed to run their offices, and use half of their staff,” said Chief Administrative Officer Sharma.

Via a press release, Tilottama municipality in Rupandehi has also requested not to operate any services other than the most essential ones.

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