Wednesday 24th July 2024
Wednesday 24th July 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalNAC takes action against three ‘negligent’ employees

NAC takes action against three ‘negligent’ employees

KATHMANDU – The Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has taken action against three of its employees working at its Malaysia station for negligence in properly fulfilling their responsibility.

The national flag-carrier recalled NAC Malaysia station’s country manager Naresh Kumar Shrestha, station manager Yubaraj Acharya and finance manager Indra Thapa in this connection. The NAC had sought explanation from them after one of the passengers who came to Kathmandu on an NAC flight from Malaysia had coronavirus positive report.

The NAC has recalled Shrestha, Acharya and Thapa on the charge of serious dereliction of responsibility to the effect that they would never ever be posted in Malaysia station.

The NAC flight number 4016 aircraft that took off from Malaysia had landed at Tribhuvan International Airport at 9 am on December 30. The health desk at the airport, while verifying the PCR reports of passengers, found that one of the passengers coming from that flight was carrying coronavirus positive report with him. One hundred and forty five passengers had come from Malaysia via flight by NAC’s a narrow body A-320 plane.

The passenger with coronavirus positive report and 54 people, who had come in contact with him, have been kept in hotel quarantine. The remaining 91 persons coming by that flight were sent home.

The NAC had sought explanation from the three employees and they had been recalled as the clarification they gave was ‘not satisfactory’. The NAC has also decided to realize all the hotel expenses of the passengers staying in hotel quarantine from the three of them.

The NAC’s posting committee had sought explanation from the three employees. This committee manages the Corporation’s human resources assigned to its domestic and foreign stations.

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