Friday 14th June 2024
Friday 14th June 2024
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Kathmandu- On 7th August, 2020 City Cargo launched its new app at a special event, where all of its founders, board members, investors and the company’s employees were present. Everyone at the event showed great enthusiasm in the new app, and applauded the company for being one of the pioneers of digital logistic service meant to make online delivery easier. Precaution measures of social distancing, mask and sanitization were taken during the launch.

The Chairman, Mr. Suman Rayamajhi enlightened the audience on the company’s mission, vision and core values. Mr. Rayamajhi praised and thanked his employees for their endeavours, dedication and encouragement in building Upaya: City Cargo amidst an ongoing pandemic.

In the special event, City Cargo’s COO (Chief Operating Officer), Mr. Amigo Khadka talked about the company’s journey and the milestones it has achieved in the past fiscal year. He also presented a brief ‘road-map’ of how it will operate in the days to come.

He shared the company’s plans to expand its services outside Kathmandu valley, to 6 hubs (10 major cities) within a timeframe of one year. Considering the various issues associated with the lack of proper supply-chain logistics in Nepal, Mr.

Khadka expressed that City Cargo aims to make several contributions towards transforming Nepal’s economy for the better by becoming a reliable logistic partner for all e-commerce and agribusinesses.

The company’s Product and Development Head Mr. Karan Basnet highlighted some main features of the new app. Mr. Basnet shared that “Automatic connection through the Platform” and “Trip Tracking and Automated VAT Bills” are some of the key features in City Cargo’s Client App, created to provide an easy booking process for customers.

The app also provides the customers with features to hire vehicles on a trip-wise and daily-hire basis. Furthermore, the drivers will be automatically notified regarding trips/bookings and will be able to easily view their income details. Giving a short demonstration to the audience, he conveyed that both drivers and partners can easily communicate and work together through the app.

He also said that Upaya: City Cargo is set to be the logistics backbone of a ‘Digital Nepal’.

Addressing the queries put forward by the dignitaries present at the event, the COO Mr. Khadka officially concluded the event by announcing the successful launch of their app.

Upaya City Cargo is an online marketplace for intra-city logistics that connects individuals and businesses with pickup driver partners and integrates technology to ensure a quick and hassle-free delivery of bulk goods.

Upaya: CityCargo has about 3500 clients and 500+ driver-partners. It provides vehicles like TATA Pickups, TATA Ace, Bolero and Maruti Cargo Van for trip-wise and daily hire basis to its customers.

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