Wednesday 22nd May 2024
Wednesday 22nd May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalSharing immunization experience, APF Hospital’s Doctor DSP Jha urges people not to fear Covid vaccine 

Sharing immunization experience, APF Hospital’s Doctor DSP Jha urges people not to fear Covid vaccine 

“No side effects of the vaccine reported so far”

KATHMANDU-  The government today launched the nationwide vaccination campaign.  Frontline responders like doctors, health workers, sanitation workers and security personnels are receiving the Covid-19 vaccines in the first phase.  

At a time when there are distrust and fears among some over the Covid vaccine, those who have received the first dose of the vaccine urge others to become confident toward the inoculation.  One among those who received the jab today is Armed Police Force DSP Dr Roshan Kumar Jha. 

DSP Dr Jha, a physician at the APF Hospital in Balambu, said that there is no need to get afraid of the Covid vaccine as it does not have any side effects. 

“We have got the Covid vaccine for the first time in Nepa. I was also administered the vaccine today morning. I am not scared. We are also doctors and were mobilized on the frontline during the pandemic. It has been over four hours since I received the jab and I haven’t got any serious adverse reactions,” Dr Jha shared his experiences of receiving the vaccine. 

Stating that the vaccine is a must to prevent from getting sick with Covid-19, he urged people to get the vaccine without any worries or fears.

According to DSP Dr Jha, the APF Hospital  has administered Covid vaccine to over 150 people so far. No one has reported any side effects so far, he said. 

“If you get your turn, it’s beneficial to have a vaccine upon a physician’s supervision. It’s the vaccine that can protect you from the infection of coronavirus,” DSP Dr Jha said. 

DSP Dr Jha was on the frontline of Covid-19 pandemic. The APF Hospital has started administration of the vaccines as part of the government’s nationwide immunization drive. 

Frontline responders like doctors and health workers will be administered the Covid vaccine that India has gifted to Nepal last week.

Earlier on Thursday, India had shipped 1 million doses of Covid vaccine to Nepal as part of its ‘vaccine diplomacy’. 

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