Wednesday 22nd May 2024
Wednesday 22nd May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalBanke administration halts mobility at Nepal-India border

Banke administration halts mobility at Nepal-India border

BANKE – The District Administration Office, Banke has stopped Nepali people from crossing the Nepal-India transits due to increasing Covid-19 infection in India.

A halt in the mobility of Nepali people across the border is meant for preventing the infection from entering Nepal, said Chief District Officer Ram Bahadur Kurumbang.

Nepali people especially those along the border have entered bordering Indian cities for various purposes especially to purchase goods. A meeting of the District Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre has banned mobility of Nepali people into neighbouring Indian city, Rupaidiha in view of increasing infection cases in India, said Kurumbang.

It was also decided upon to have people get PCR tested for the infection before entering Nepali territory and use prevention like facemasks and sanitizers. Those who have showed symptoms for the deadly infection will get antigen tests and be sent to home for a 10-day home quarantine and the serious infected will be sent directly to Bheri Hospital, he said.

Likewise, the administration in view of the infection has urged people not to organise any gathering, meeting, conference or seminar and follow health protocol, Covid-19 district resource person, Tej Oli. The District Covid-19 Management Committee has directed all eight local levels in the district to manage quarantine facilities for the prevention and control of the virus, he said.

The committee has also directed Bheri Hospital to manage isolation in the hospital. Those entering Nepal from India will get tested for the infection at a health desk set up at Jamunaha transit by Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan City in cooperation with the District Public Health Office and recommended for a 10-day quarantine when tested positive for the virus. One getting PCR tested for the infection at the desk can get their PCR reports within up to 15 minutes, said Ram Bahadur Chand, chief of the health unit at the sub metropolis.

Reports of all 10 Nepalis returning home from various cities of India including Mumbai, New Delhi and Maharashtra who got PCR tested for the virus on Wednesday, were negative.

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