Monday 17th June 2024
Monday 17th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalKathmandu Metropolis increases investment for COVID-19 response

Kathmandu Metropolis increases investment for COVID-19 response

KATHMANDU – The Kathmandu Metropolis has prompted action for treatment of COVID-19. The local government has ensured medical and human resources assistance required for the handling of COVID-19 cases when the cases are surging in the central capital. The Naradevi Ayurvedic Hospital on Friday, with the support of metropolis, launched a 50-bed isolation facility equipped with the oxygen supply system.

The local government and hospital on May 10 agreed on the operation of facility. The 118 bedded hospital has managed 24 HDU beds and 25 isolation beds for the COVID-19 cases. Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya said the local government had shifted its focus on saving the life during the pandemic by giving a halt to development endevours. “Investment in health sector has been increased,” he said.

Seven consultants ( Ayurved science), two consultants ( medical science) and three Ayurved doctors, four medical officers, 22 nursing staffs, two physiotherapists and 15 Ayurved health workers are there to work for the isolation facility. Likewise, five are for account section and 25 are cleaning and assistant workers.

Similarly, Radhaswami Covid Isolation and Oxygen Therapy Center has come into operation at Samakhusi since Friday. The center was established as per the decision of Council of Ministers on October 30, 2020.

It has 88 oxygen-supported beds and 96 general beds and the center plans to convert the general beds into the oxygen beds on the need basis. The metropolis has financially assisted the center. The Metropolitan City has been providing medical equipment used to treat Covid-19 patients to other 11 hospitals after reaching an agreement with them.

The metropolis has providing swab tests for the infection from 16 places in the district, said Hari Kunwar, chief of the Health Division under the metropolis. Six hundred Covid-19 tests have been carried out at all 32 wards on a daily basis and of them, 420 infection cases have been reported, said the metropolis.

“Now Covid-19 tests have been expedited,” said lab technician at the metropolis, Radhika Kuinkel. The metropolis also provides free ambulance service to carry patients including Covid-19 ones to hospital. People in need can avail the service from seven places in the district. In this regard, they can contact at hotline number, 1180 for inquire.

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