Friday 19th July 2024
Friday 19th July 2024
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I am determined for prosperity,good governance: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU – Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ today said he was determined for prosperity and good governance in the country. The PM made this commitment during a meeting with contestants for ‘Mero Voice Universe’ and ‘Mero Dance Universe’, reality shows, at the PM’s official residence.

“I have told that I would not commit any bad deeds this time. I will not let bad things to take place. I do whatever I do with the country and people being eyewitness. I will do historic work that the history and next generation will remember,” he said.

On the occasion, he also appealed to the young generation to lend their support with the campaign to build the country. “I am glad to be meeting with you (the reality show contestants). I heartily welcome and offer my greetings to you all, who have come to your birth place with your talents and arts.”

He urged them to protect and preserve their Nepali language, identity and culture no matter where they are living across the globe.
He also thanked the organiser of the reality shows, Intra National Welfare and Support Foundation of America, for organising such programmes that help promote Nepali language and art.

The PM said, “I suppose many of the brothers and sisters participating in this contest have stepped in their motherland for the first time. Therefore, I would like to express my thankfulness to the organisers of this competition for carrying out such a great job even though living in foreign land.”

The organisation held the singing and dance contest among the Nepali children in more than 52 countries across the world with the goal of promoting Nepali language and culture.

“You might have read or heard, the government under my leadership is in a mission to build a country free of corruption by cleaning the ‘heap of garbage’. I have made a resolve, no matter whatever the situation, the government shall steadfastly involved in this great campaign of building the nation, and I believe young colleagues like you will lend a strong backing and cooperation in this,” the Prime Minister added.

On the occasion, he said the comment of the type that the political parties and leaders are all alike is not realistic. According to him, he is making efforts to establish the fact that not all parties and leaders are the same.

“The federal democratic republic is a hard-won system. Thousands of martyrs have laid down their lives while hundreds of thousands of youths have spent their energetic time of life to bring the nation in the present status from the prison of the autocratic monarchy,” the PM recalled.

Stating that this is all our shared political system and as it is achieved through the joint struggle of all, he said it is the responsibility of us all to nurture and consolidate it. As the PM said, those who want change are encouraged from the initiatives for stemming corruption and establishing good governance. “Those who are not for good governance and prosperity of the people are panicked (by these initiatives). I appeal before you to lend a strong support in the government’s resolve to build the nation.”

The Intra-national Welfare and Support Foundation of America organized the event. The Foundation is set up by Bhutanes American youth entrepreneur of Nepali origin with the objective of conserving, promoting and preserving the Nepali language, art and culture.

PM Dahal also on the occasion urged the organization to foster cultural, linguistic and emotional unity among the Nepali speakers spread throughout the world. He suggested the organization to continue this job of bringing together to Nepal the Nepalis scattered throughout the globe and of promoting the Nepali art and culture by continuing with these twin contests of singing and dance in the coming days as well.

Those contestants securing first position in singing and dance competition will bag Rs 10 million each, those clinching the second position Rs 3 million each and those coming out in third place will bag Rs 2 million each. The final round of the Championship is presently broadcasting in Nepal Television.

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