Thursday 29th February 2024
Thursday 29th February 2024
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Unity among communists is present need: Dev Guruung

RUKUM – CPN (Maoist Centre) general secretary Dev Prasad Gurung has said unity among the political parties espousing communist ideology is the need of the day in Nepal.

Addressing a press meet organized by the Press Centre Nepal in Rukum West today, he stressed on the need of all communist forces becoming one.

“Talk of unification of former Maoist factions is on. The same applies to the Socialist Front as well. A task force has been formed for the unification with the Nepal Socialist Party. The parties would be united under the Maoist Centre’s leadership alone,” he said.

According to him, the people also wanted to see the Maoist factions becoming one. The Maoist Centre general secretary was of the view that although the communists in Nepal have some seemingly differences, these could be sorted out.

“Internal conflict among the communists is not good. This creates problems for the communists of Nepal. We need to work as one bloc at one or the other time,” he said.

Leader Gurung claimed that the present coalition government would last for three years. “The present government will last for full three years. Many efforts have been made to bring this government down, but this will not be successful.

The people have liked this government and the government too has been carrying out pro-people works,” he reiterated. Leader Gurung also called on all to commit to construction of temporary houses in the earthquake-affected areas.

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