Tuesday 5th March 2024
Tuesday 5th March 2024
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One year of Karnali province: From human resource management to prosperity development plan

KARNALI – The Karnali province government has completed its first year. Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma unveiled the work progress made so far in the period on Saturday.

CM Sharma said the province government has undertaken several works ranging from diverse development works to formulation of necessary policy decisions, laws, standards, directives and strategic planning.

CM Sharma shared that in the first year period four bills and 18 regulations were approved; three bills were registered in the province assembly; 16 work procedures, five directives, three standards and six strategic plans were formulated and principle agreement for 12 bills granted.

During the reporting period, 2,929 approved staff posts were adjusted in Karnali and 2,086 vacant employees, including those deputed from the federal government, recommended from the Public Service Commission and working on contract basis were fulfilled, he said.

CM Sharma further shared that the task of organization and management survey has reached the final stage after discussion in all ministries. Likewise, the government has appointed 826 employees in local governments, 322 in the province through the province public service commission.

The province government has so far provided group accident insurance worth Rs 28.2 million to the families of those killed in Jajarkot earthquake, he said, adding life sustenance allowance was provided to the survivors of disaster and the injured and mutilated.

He informed that the province government has distributed martyr memorial allowance to the marty families. Among other works carried out were distribution of scholarships for higher education, expedition of the construction of Karnali province stadium, registration of new industries, expansion of irrigation facilities and infrastructural development.

The province government has prioritized the development of concept note for the second five-year plan and has emphatically undertaken the task of developing project bank.

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