Wednesday 24th July 2024
Wednesday 24th July 2024
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NC Mahasamiti meet: General Secretary Thapa’s call-out against pre-election alliance

KATHMANDU – Nepali Congress (NC) General-Secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa has presented a proposal that his party should not form pre-election alliance.

In the ongoing policy conclave of the party- Mahasamiti meeting- at Godawari, General-Secretary Thapa floated the proposal that NC shunned political alliance with any party in the periodic election in future.

“The Mahasamiti meeting’s resolution is must on contesting the upcoming periodic election on its own,” he viewed, pressing for creating enabling environment where the voters could cast their vote to Nepali Congress.

In the 38-page organizational proposal, Thapa called for making NC more energetic and dynamic and increase public’s confidence in the party and re-establish itself as a party which could alone secure two-thirds majority. He however said NC is aware of demonstrating political honesty as per commitments made with the public and agreement with coalition partners during the election.

According to him, good-governance should be the main mantra for NC-led governments at all three levels with effective public service delivery.

He further asserted that the NC should take ownership of the constitution of Federal Democratic Republic, which was promulgated under leadership of the party itself, and it should protect and implement the national charter with high level of confidence. Furthermore, the General Secretary proposed party determination to unite the entire party at every level and make it further active in line with the party’s aspiration- ‘Prosperous Nepal: Honoured Nepali’.

He, in the proposal, highlighted the need for the party to prioritize the issues and concerns of public and communities and make party a centre of excellence thorough debate, dialogues, training and discussion and adopt policy of zero-tolerance against corruption in all forms and make the party a catalyst for social transformation.

The meeting, party’s main policy-making body, has over 2,200 representatives taking part in the four-day event.

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