Sunday 19th May 2024
Sunday 19th May 2024
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Suhang Nembang’s journey from a lawyer to a legislator

KATHMANDU –  Suhang Nembang, the CPN (UML) candidate in the by-election to the Member of House of Representatives, has embarked on his parliamentary career after his victory in the by-polls held in Ilam-2 constituency.

Suhang starts his legislator journey, protecting the legacy of his father Subas Chandra Nembang, who was also the UML Vice Chair and representing Ilam-2 constituency until his death on 12 September 2023.

Suhang defeated his closest contender Dambar Bahadur Khadka of the Nepali Congress by a margin of 5,830 votes in the by-election. Suhang secured 27,772 votes while Khadka got 21,942 votes.

Suhang was born in Kathmandu on February 17, 1990 to father Subas Chandra Nembang and mother Bishal Nembang as their youngest son. Suhang started school from Galaxy Public School in Kathmandu and he passed his School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination from Jagat Secondary School. He completed his studies up to Grade 12 from Gyanodaya Valvatika School. He then went to Australia for higher studies. He returned to Nepal from Australia after two years.

After returning to Nepal, he joined Kathmandu School of Law and completed BLLB and LLM in Commercial Law. Subas had studied law and was a senior attorney, and he encouraged Suhang to also study law.

Recently, Suhang had been practicing law by establishing ‘Kantipur Law Associates and Research Centre’ in Thapagaon, Kathmandu. Suhang was more inclination in sports than politics.

Suhang, who spent most of his school life in hostel, started participating in college sports after returning from Australia. He also established ‘Ilam Sporting De Mechi Club’ two years ago for the development of the sports sector. Lately, he had reached various rural areas of Ilam through the same club. Suhang, who is interested in football and cricket and is a lawyer by profession, is simple, polite and soft-spoken.

He had the opportunity to observe politics from close quarters as his father was always involved in central politics after the political change in 1990. However, he was far from political activities. Suhang had not even voted in any election before. Even when his father was a candidate, he could not vote because his name was not registered in the electoral roll.

Even though he had the opportunity to understand politics closely, Suhang, who was not much interested in politics. Now he has became a Member of Parliament.

But after the sudden death of his father, the party gave him a ticket and made him the MP candidate. The new power equation made it easier for Suhang to become an MP. Nembang, who has the support of CPN (Maoist Centre), CPN and Nepal Pariwar Dal, has got the opportunity to enter parliament at a young age.
As the son of the late Subas Chandra Nemwang, who created the image of a composed and intellectual leader, Suhang now has the responsibility of protecting his father’s legacy and the challenge of gaining the trust of the new generation.

He said that all issues raised by the candidates who were in the election fray with him are the common issues of the citizens of Ilam. He shared that he has a long way to go and he has a dream to make the country prosperous and well-governed while appreciating everyone’s aspirations, adding that he came into politics to fulfill his father’s incomplete and unfulfilled dreams.

The MP-elect said that various plans will be brought to change the mentality of the youth towards politics in the society and to reduce the attraction of the youth towards foreign employment.

Currently, Suhang is a central member of the UML’s the Department of Law. He has an elder brother, an elder sister and a younger sister. His elder sister Susang is a dental surgeon while his younger sister Samyang is pursuing her master’s degree in Urban Studies.

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