Tuesday 16th April 2024
Tuesday 16th April 2024
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PM: Does a person who runs the country also run its factions?

KATHMANDU- Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that he does not run any faction In an interview on AP1 Television on Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Oli claimed that a person leading a government of two-thirds absolute majority cannot run a faction.

“The Maoist party was separate, but I led the unification procedure of two parties despite some fundamental ideological differences between them,” said the Prime Minister during the interview. “We then coordinated the elections, so did you see a faction present in the last election or did you see a wave of people mobilizing together for the country?”

The PM then began to question further. “ Did you see us mobilizing small crews or a campaign that brought together people all the way from Mechi to Mahakali,” he rhetorically stated. “ I became the leader of the parliamentary party by winning the ballot. I also contested for the Party Chair. Before me, there wasn’t even a culture to compete, and popular candidates were not allowed to move forward.”

PM Oli added that a new agreement has been reached with Charman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, or Prachanda, on running the government for a half and half term.

“I have not made any demands, and if there is any further agreement, it has been initiated by Prachanda Ji,” stated the PM. “I didn’t propose the consensus but as per the popular wish, the government will be continued for five more years.”

Prime Minister Oli also claimed that the problems within the CPN will be resolved within five days.

“I will not discuss the internal problems as those will be revealed one way or another,” he said. “It does not please the public to see conflicts occurring within the CPN, and there has been a lot of public outrage over such things, so it can be removed from the major discussion. As for how much time it will take, you can reach out to me in five days.”

PM Oli constantly reiterated that there is no major problem within the CPN and everything is being resolved. He also stated that the party has played a decisive role since his leadership.

“Everyone knows how indecisive the party was before I was elected as the parliamentary leader of the party,” he said. “I do not say that I don’t have any shortcomings; I listen to criticism and I welcome them.”

Prime Minister Oli also stated that he is not and will not be run by a middleman. “I am neither run by others nor like to work for others whether they are in the country or outside of it,” he said.

He then pushed back on those speaking out against his leadership. “They may not like me as a person, but I have not committed any wrongful acts. Those who cannot show any evidence and facts have protested because they don’t like me,” he said. “Don’t create fake news but publish the realities.”

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