Tuesday 16th April 2024
Tuesday 16th April 2024
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Government alone cannot prevent coronavirus: Home Minister Badal

Kathmandu: Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal has stated that efforts are being made to control illegal entries of people coming in from India.

Responding to a question from the National News Agency Nepal on Sunday, Home Minister Badal stated that the government is trying to manage people who are crossing Nepal’s borders illegally.

The government has been maintaining strict regulations of those people coming from India in order to control the risks and transmissions of the coronavirus.

The government, which had earlier opened 20 checkpoints, has now decided to keep open only 10 entree points from India to Nepal in an attempt to tighten the checkpoints as the number of corona cases in India has been rapidly increasing.

“It’s largely under control, but there’s a lot of covert activity going on,” said the Minister. “We are continuing our efforts to stop it completely.”

Home Minister Badal also stated that citizens should be more vigilant to avoid coronavirus transmission. He added that citizens should be aware and stay cautious as the government cannot control the virus on its own.

“Only with civic awareness can we prevent corona infection,” he said. “Corona cannot be prevented by the government alone.”

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