Saturday 18th May 2024
Saturday 18th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalState will resolve problems seen in private sector through dialogue: Energy Minister

State will resolve problems seen in private sector through dialogue: Energy Minister

KATHMANDU – Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Pampha Bhusal has given assurance that the problems surfaced in the private sector would be resolved through dialogue. Inaugurating the national assembly of the cable television entrepreneurs here today, she said the government has the policy of pursuing development activities taking the entire private sector into confidence.

“We have stated in the Constitution itself that the extensive development would be carried out through mobilization of the State, the private sector and the cooperatives. The State adopts this policy in a credible manner,” Minister Bhusal said, adding that the State shall address the problems facing the entrepreneurs in their professional life in a positive way.

She opined that the right of using in practice the developments that have taken place in the information and technology realm should not be minimized anywhere. “The right of information and communication is an important right achieved through the people’s movement and the media persons have an important role to play in establishing this right,” she stressed.

Stating that the present political achievement has been obtained with the cooperation of pople from all sectors, the Energy Minister said it was the responsibility of all to protect and promote this achievement. The Federation of Nepal Cable Television Entrepreneur (FNCTE) has stated that the entrepreneurs have reached to the situation of shutting their business due to the unstable policy adopted by the State in connection with operation of the cable television. It has demanded closing the illegal broadcasting and bringing the broadcasting sector under the purview of tax in accordance with the existing laws.

FNCTE has warned that the entire cable television enterprise itself would be closed unless the State immediately takes appropriate decision for its protection and promotion. It has urged for determining the pole rent only after discussing the matter with the stakeholders. The Federation said that it was not in favour of increasing additional fees for the customers in the present unfavourable situation. It has urged the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to take initiative for resolving the issue over the hike of pole rent.

Federation president Dhruba Sharma expressed his displeasure that their demands regarding resolving various problems of the sector have not been heard by the government which has hit their business. The day-long Assembly will conclude today issuing the ‘Kathmandu Declaration-2021’. It is said the conclave will hold discussions focusing on the issues as the rate of pole rent, the broadcasting and distribution fees and related policies and regulations and the protection of the rights and interests of the entrepreneurs.

National Television Broadcasters Association president Shankar Adhikari said the cable television business itself is in jeopardy due to the ‘impractical’ policy of the government and called for revisions in the policy. President of Nepal Film Producers Association, Akash Adhikari said cable television and television should not be subjected to censorship.

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