Friday 17th May 2024
Friday 17th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalChandrragi municipality steps up its preparation for ‘smart city’

Chandrragi municipality steps up its preparation for ‘smart city’

KATHMANDU – Chandragiri municipality has intensified its bid to prepare ‘municipal profile’ by adopting GPS-GIS system. With the completion of this task, municipal residents would receive public services through online mechanisms.

Chandragiri mayor Ghanashyam Giri said, “The task of preparing municipal profile through GPS-GIS system has come to a final stage. It would help develop Chandragiri a smart city. Municipal residents would receive services online with the accomplishment of the task. Locals would also get information about what type of development is needed in which areas within the municipality”.

The municipality has mobilized drone in collecting data and information of its geographical area as part of preparing municipal profile. As many as 35,000 households of all 15 wards have been tracked through drone survey and satellite mapping. It took 18 days to carry out the survey in all areas of the municipality. The drone survey data are now being digitized and coded.

After this process, enumerators would be mobilized in all households for collecting individual information. The technical team would collect information about private house, school, religious site, public spaces and land.

Information Technology Officer of the municipality Sanjeeb Gyawali said, “Enumerators and technical teams are being mobilized to reach out to the households of the municipality. Information collection would be carried out through tabs which would later be networked with the municipality archive system”.

The municipality would provide unique number to each private house and public building as per the principle of ‘international Metric System’. Based on this number, GPS tracking can be done which is a base for the delivery of public services online.

Mayor Giri further shared, “Most probably we would finalize the municipal profile prior to the upcoming civic poll. This would very indeed serve as a milestone in policy formulation, planning, delivery of public services such as education, health, infrastructure development and disaster risk reduction”.

He added, “All municipal services would go online after this. The municipal residents would receive service without hassles. We are heading towards developing Chandragiri as a smart city”.

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