Thursday 23rd May 2024
Thursday 23rd May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalConstruction of Nagdhunga-Sisnekhola tunnel underway during pandemic

Construction of Nagdhunga-Sisnekhola tunnel underway during pandemic

KATHMANDU : Works on the Nagdhunga- Sisnekhola tunnel are underway even amidst the restrictions put in place to stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This will be the first tunnel in the road infrastructure of the country.

Construction works have been continued by keeping the workers in a close camp at the construction site. The Japanese construction company, Hazma Aangdo Corporation, is undertaking the construction, and is carrying on with the construction with available human resources at present. Nearly 200 workers are at work on the site these days. 

The Department of Roads has said that there is no dearth of human resources for proceeding ahead with works on the project. The Company had already arranged for the human resources and equipment prior to the lockdown.

The project’s physical progress is now at around four percent since the construction began 10 months ago. The target then was to make physical progress of seven to eight percent. It is said the low progress is due to several unforeseen challenges. 

The project had been facing shortage in construction materials until some time ago. Many of the local levels of Dhading district where Sisnekhola is located had prevented the transportation of construction materials like sand and pebbles. 

Department’s Development Assistance Coordination Division chief Arjun Jung Thapa said this problem has now been sorted out in coordination with concerned local levels. 

“Although some local levels tried to create obstruction, they have been taken into confidence by explaining the reality and now an environment has been created for the unhindered transportation of the construction materials,” he said. 

Though construction works on tunnels towards Kathmandu have not been completed yet, works in close camp are underway towards Dhading. Activities to divert Sisnekhola are on, said Chief Thapa. 

He added that land acquisition task too is being forwarded. Process to provide land compensation for flyover at Balambu has already been forwarded. An agreement was signed with the Company to complete the construction within 42 months. 

Chief Thapa said that the agreement was signed between the Government of Nepal and Japanese construction Company, Hazma Angdo Corporation to complete the tunnel construction within 42 months of the beginning of the construction works. 

It has been expected that the traffic jam along Nagdhunga-Naubise road section would be eased once tunnel route comes into operation.

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