Thursday 23rd May 2024
Thursday 23rd May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalNepal Army will be run under its own system: Chief of Army Staff Thapa

Nepal Army will be run under its own system: Chief of Army Staff Thapa

KATHMANDU: The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Purnachandra Thapa has stated that the Nepal Army will continue to be developed as an institution that operates according to its own system. He made the remarks on the occasion of his two-year tenure on Wednesday.

Amidst talks of mobilizing the Army at checkpoints to curb the Corona infection, Thapa said, “We are ready and capable if the state needs it.” He also urged not to misinterpret the activities of the Army in the field of Military Welfare Fund, operation of petrol pumps and road construction.

“We have not done business by engaging in these areas,” he said. “As the head of an organization, you may not know how difficult it is to stop my soldiers and officers from leaving my job on a daily basis.”

He mentioned that the number of people leaving the job has increased due to the lack of attractive service facilities. “Our state has not reached the stage where it can provide expected services. That is why the number of people leaving their jobs has increased. If we don’t show activism in the field of welfare funds, who will come to get a job in the army tomorrow?” said Thapa.

He further added that the Army has not made any decision to operate the hydropower plant and that it is still under discussion. Recalling that he has been clear in his thinking from the very beginning, Thapa said that he has adopted a zero tolerance policy on corruption. He made it clear that he has no intention of extending his term or repeating it for three more years.

Thapa also addressed the general ranks at the event, which was organized in compliance with the security standards of Covid-19. During the live multicast address to all the units of the Nepal Army, Thapa reviewed the targets and achievements for the first and second years of his tenure and announced the upcoming year as the Year of Strengthening and Sustainability.

He also released a collection of various procedures, guidelines, training manuals and handbooks prepared for commanders and staff members over the past two years.

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