Monday 27th May 2024
Monday 27th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalHalf a dozen health safety standards to be enforced on public buses  

Half a dozen health safety standards to be enforced on public buses  

Staff and passengers asked to comply with protocols ranging from the use of sanitizer to social distancing on public vehicles that will operate from Thursday

KATHMANDU- Transportation entrepreneurs have said that they have completed preparation to operate long-route public vehicles from Thursday after remaining off the roads for nearly six months.  

A joint task force of transport operators and trade unions has also announced nearly a half dozen minimum health safety standards that transportation staff and passengers will have to follow to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection while travelling on public vehicles.

In its joint statement released on Wednesday, the task force urged both passengers and transport staff and workers to comply with health safety protocols while travelling in public vehicles. With the government decision to lift its ban on public transportation service, long, short and medium route public vehicles are operating from Thursday.

Issuing a statement, the joint task force has said that wearing mask, gloves and face visors have been made mandatory for transportation workers. It has also urged passengers to wear masks and maintain social distance while getting on and off the buses and avoid crowding.

According to the task force, public vehicles will not carry passengers more than 50 percent of their capacity. As the number of passengers has been limited to 50 percent of the total capacity, public vehicles will be allowed to charge 50 percent higher fare. Public vehicles will have to provide hand sanitizer to transportation workers and passengers, according to the task force.  

The cabinet meeting held on Monday had decided to allow long-haul public buses to operate from Thursday.

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