Friday 14th June 2024
Friday 14th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalValley Police Office urges public to take measures for safe festival celebrations

Valley Police Office urges public to take measures for safe festival celebrations

KATHMANDU – The Kathmandu Valley Police Office has urged the citizens to stay safe during the festivals and contribute to creating a secure atmosphere for the family, community and the entire city.

Issuing a 10-point appeal for the Valley people today, the Office urged one and all to join hands in the campaign for the ‘Safe Kathmandu Valley’.

Office Spokesperson Senior Superintendent of Police, Dinesh Raj Mainali, said the public are expected to remain alert to the possibilities of untoward incidents during the festival times.

He advised the people to not entertain the company of strangers during travel and to not accept if they are offered food and drinks by strangers. Such food may be tainted.

The Office further appealed to the Valley people to not join a crowd, possessing cash, valuable gadgets, jewellries and expensive mobile phone sets.

Likewise, people are urged to ensure that house doors, windows and entrances are properly locked while going out. If possible, people are urged to use siren-fixed locks. If anyone has to go outside the home or shut the shops for long during the festivals, they are advised to inform about it to neighbours and the local police.

The public have been advised to make monetary transactions digitally and to keep the password of mobile banking confidential. Likewise, they have been urged to not post personal details and update travel details on social sites.

The office has warned the general public of worse consequences of gambling, playing cards and dice, drunk-driving and the violation of traffic rules. It has urged the people to confidently observe the festivals, assuring of a sound security with the mobilization of sniffer dogs and drones.

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