Monday 24th June 2024
Monday 24th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalCAAN directs airlines companies to clear dues

CAAN directs airlines companies to clear dues

KATHMANDU – The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has pressed the airlines not paying dues amounting millions for many years to pay the dues within 30 days.

Issuing a public notice today, CAAN urged the airlines that have stopped operating flight to pay the pending service charge and royalty to it and the airport office.

According to CAAN, 11 airlines operating the domestic flights but have suspended their flight now have dues of Rs 90 million. CAAN said it directed the airlines companies to pay the dues as they failed to do so despite notifying them about the same from time to time.

These airlines have been asked to pay the due amount as well as the delay charge within 30 days from the publication of its latest notice to this effect. It has also asked the airlines to submit to it any evidence absolving them from paying the amount determined by CAAN.

CAAN has warned that the proprietors of airlines failing to clear the dues and settle the account within the deadline would be blacklisted and they would not be eligible for any business activities and transactions related to airlines services, airport and to it in future.

NECON Air has the biggest amount in dues. It has dues of Rs 47 million 60. Similarly, Cosmic Air has outstanding amount of Rs 34.7 million, the Shivani Air has dues of Rs 5 million 551 thousand, Gorkha Air has dues worth Rs 2 million, Karnali Air has dues of Rs 1 million 746 thousand, Mountain Air has dues of Rs 1 million 746 thousand and the Mountain Air has dues amounting to Rs 1 million 746 thousand.

Likewise, Shangrila Air has dues of Rs 1 million 537 thousand, the Skyline Air has dues of Rs 1 million 50 thousand, Air Kashthamandap has dues Rs 738 thousand, the Nepal Airways dues of Rs 550 thousand and Alpine Air dues of Rs 72 thousand. Nineteen airlines companies, including 10 helicopter service providing companies, are operating domestic flights at present.

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