Monday 27th May 2024
Monday 27th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalTwo more Nepalis succumb to coronavirus abroad

Two more Nepalis succumb to coronavirus abroad

KATHMANDU – Two more Nepalis died of coronavirus abroad this week. According to the Health Committee of the Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), the victims are from the UK. As of Saturday evening, 341 Nepalis residing in several 21 countries died of the virus.

The highest deaths are from the Saudi Arabia (88) followed by 86 in the UK and 50 in the UAE, said Covid-19 high level committee press coordinator of NRNA, Chiran Sharma. Likewise, till Saturday evening, 62,181 Nepalis were infected by the virus and among them, 60,628 have got recovery. The recovery rate is 96.3 percent.

Sweden, Malaysia, the UAE and Portugal reported more infections on Nepali this week. Back at home, 3,010 people died of the virus and the recovery rate is 98.6 percent (270,077 out of 274,608 infected).

The second phase of vaccination drive against the virus kicked off in the country today, targeting citizens above 65. So far in Nepal, 14 persons per 1,000 have received the vaccine and the global ratio is 37 per 1,000.

The anti-Covid-19 vaccine is safe for people taking medicines for hypertension and diabetes as well. The committee urged all not to harbour doubts over the safety of vaccine.

Those with heart attack or other cardiovascular issues are not recommended for the vaccination or are required to go through medical council link before the vaccination.

Similarly, precaution should be taken before vaccinating the people with mental diseases or neurological issues, sickle cell anemia, low platelets count, anemic patients or those once becoming seriously ill due to the Covid-19.

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