Friday 21st June 2024
Friday 21st June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalSecond-dose of Covid-19 vaccine from Tuesday

Second-dose of Covid-19 vaccine from Tuesday

KATHMANDU – The government is launching the second dose of Covid-19 vaccine from Tuesday.

The second-dose vaccination drive is targeted at those who had received the first dose during a period between Magh 14- Fagun 10 (January 27 to February 22), according to Dr Jhalak Sharma Gautam, chief of Child Health and Vaccination Section, Department of Health Services.

The receivers of first-dose of ‘covishield’ can visit the vaccination centers accessible for them from Baisakh 7-11 (April 20 to 24) to take the second dose. The government had administered the covishield obtained from the Government of India on grants.

Those who were administered the first dose from Magh 14-16 (January 27-29) and Magh 27-29 (February 9-11) will be provided the second dose on Baisakh 7 (April 20). Similarly, those receiving the first dose from Magh 18-22 (January 31- February 4) and on Fagun 2 (February 14) will be given the second dose on April 21.

Baisakh 9 (April 22) is for those who had received the first dose on Magh 23(February 5) and from Fagun 3-5(February 15-17) and Baisakh 10 (April 23) is for the day for those who had been given the first dose on Magh 24 (February 6), Fagun 6 (February 18), Fagun 8 (February 20) and on Fagun 9 (February 21).

Baisakh 11 (April 24) has been set for those receiving the first dose on Magh 30 (February 12), on Fagun 7 (February 19) and on Fagun 10 (February 22).

The Ministry of Health and Population has set up vaccination centers at different hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley. Some 1.8 million people had received the first dose.

‘Vero Cell’ given to 123 thousands population
Meanwhile, the ”Vero Cell” the anti-coronavirus vaccine manufactured by the Government of China was administered to 123 thousands population.

According to Dr Gautam, people of 40-59 age group from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Kavrepalanchowk and Sindhupalchowk received the vaccine during the campaign from Chait 25- Baisakh 5 ( April 7- 17). ”Vero Cell” will be made available for the population after the completion of the second-phase drive.

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