Wednesday 24th July 2024
Wednesday 24th July 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalHome Ministry directs DAOs to move ahead in order to make country’s economic activities dynamic

Home Ministry directs DAOs to move ahead in order to make country’s economic activities dynamic

KATHMANDU – The Home Ministry has directed District Administration Offices (DAOs) and security officials of 77 districts to move ahead with an action plan in order to make country’s economic activities, affected due to COVID-19, dynamic.

The Home Ministry at the direction of the newly appointed Home Minister, Khagaraj Adhikari, issued a 12-point circular to the DAOs and officials of security bodies of 77 districts and asked to actively involve the control of COVID-19 and to strengthen security situation by formulating necessary plan.

Spokesperson of the Home Ministry, Janakraj Dahal, shared that they had sent circular as per the direction of Minister Adhikari. The Ministry asked them to accelerate development activities by carrying out effective coordination, facilitation and monitoring so that the development projects run by the government would be completed on the slated time.

The circular also directed DAOs to be aware of the preparedness in order to forward economic activities by following health safety protocols and reviewing the implementation of prohibitory order imposed so far.

The Ministry requested them not to allow any activities hampering peace and security, to save people’s life and property and to implement security plan with early warning of possible incidents in the districts.

The circular also asked all civil servants and security employees to carry out work execution by fully abiding the laws and in a transparent manner as per the sentiment of zero tolerance for corruption. The Ministry directed to prepare election action plan immediately by making necessary coordination among bodies concerned in order to conduct election of House of Representatives, scheduled on November 12 and 19, in free and fearless manner.

Moreover, the Ministry directed all DAOs and security officials of all 77 districts in the country to strictly follow the action plan against the second wave of COVID-19.

Issuing a 12-point circular today shortly after newly appointed Home Minister Khaga Raj Adhikari took charge of office, the Ministry asked the government authority to actively engage in the fight against the infection and strengthen security by devising necessary plans.

The circular was issued at the direction of Minister Adhikari, said spokesperson for the Ministry Janak Raj Dahal. It stressed the effective implementation of the health protocols against the deadly virus. The police administration under the Ministry should do their duty transparently and by following the zero tolerance policy while fully implementing laws and ensuring human rights.

The concerned authority should provide security at oxygen plants and health institutions in the respective district and coordinate for treatment of COVID-19 infected people. Similarly, there should be coordination and facilitation to make the COVID-19 vaccination drive effective.

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