Friday 21st June 2024
Friday 21st June 2024
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PM should take special initiatives for waste management of Kathmandu: Leader Thapa

KATHMANDU – Nepali Congress’s parliamentarian Gagan Kumar Thapa urged all the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) dwellers to actively support the campaign to make Kathmandu garbage free.

Speaking in the zero hour of the House of Representatives’ meeting today, Thapa pointed out the need for the Prime Minister to take special initiatives to remove legal hurdles relating to waste management.

“I urged Prime Minister to take special initiatives in removing legal hurdles and arrange resources for the wastage management in Kathmandu. It is also our responsibility to support the efforts of Ministry of Urban Development and Kathmandu Metropolis for waste management,” said Thapa, also the general-secretary of ruling Nepali Congress.

He also urged other municipalities and wards connected to the Metropolis to coordinate efforts with social organizations to make ‘Garbage-Free Kathmandu’ campaign a success. Similarly, another parliamentarian Aman Lal Modi stated that students could not be enrolled in school in lack of citizenship certificate and underscored the need to take forward the Bill relating to Citizenship Act (Amendment).

Similarly, Dr Amresh Kumar Singh questioned why the appointment of deputy speaker in the HoR is being delayed. Singh opined that the post be dismissed if it is not needed. He criticized that parliamentary State Affairs and Good Governance Committee was not active and demanded to dismiss the Committee and deputy speaker post if both were not needed and no longer relevant.

Amrita Thapa demanded to enable safe environment for the girl child and adolescent girls. She demanded investigation into the 15-year-old Asmita Chaudhary’s abduction incident in Biratnagar and search and rescue for her and action against the guilty.

Asha Kumari BK and Ganga Chaudhary drew the attention of the parliament towards growing cases of rape and murder in the country, citing a 7-year-old girl child was found dead in Surkhet district and gang rape of minor girl in Banke district. They demanded stern action against those involved in such heinous crime.

Umashankar Argariya lamented that farmers were facing scarcity of fertilizers repeatedly in the agricultural country like Nepal and urged the government to pay special attention towards it as paddy plantation would soon to begin in the country.

Krishna Bhakta Pokharel urged the Speaker of the HoR to make concerned ministers response within five days regarding availability of fertilizers to farmers while Jhapat Bahadur Rawal also nailed down when would the government provide fertilizer to farmers.

Krishna Bahadur Rai questioned about delay on the part of government for construction of roads in various parts of Kathmandu Valley including Panityanki Tinchule Road and Jorpati road section. Khadgaraj Adhikari urged the government to address the ongoing padlocking issue in the Tribhuvan University.

Khem Prasad Lohani demanded action against perpetrator of Bardiya incident where a teenage girl was allegedly killed in police firing. Lohani urged to ensure medical treatment to the injured ones. Gopal Bahadur Balami said that the inmates in Mugu district were facing various problems and called for effective prison management.

Ghanashyam Khatiwada lamented that although contract had been awarded for Bakraha River project and others in Morang district, no works have been forwarded yet. Chand Tara Kumari viewed that some online media were involved in character assassination of the political leaders and celebrities and appealed with the concerned authorities to bring those involved in such act to book.

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