Thursday 13th June 2024
Thursday 13th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsBagmati government allocates Rs 550 million to equip community schools with IT

Bagmati government allocates Rs 550 million to equip community schools with IT

KATHMANDU – The Bagmati Province government has allocated a total of Rs 550 million to equip as many as 300 selected community schools in the Province with information technology (IT) in the upcoming fiscal year 2022/23.

Minister for Social Development Kumari Moktan shared that a total of 100 community basic schools and 200 community secondary level schools will be well-equipped with IT including IT lab and science lab among others. The provincial government will implement students-centric school management reform programme to enhance the quality of education in the community schools.

Furthermore, trainings to enhance skills, leadership among others professional capacities of principals in those schools would be conducted, said Minister Moktan. Achievement indicators will be determined whether those selected community schools yielded favorable results or not, added Moktan.

Budget would be provided to those schools offering classes on agriculture and animal husbandry in the secondary level. The provincial government would emphasize upgrading of physical infrastructures in those schools.

A polytechnic institution would be established in Sindhuli while Dinesh-Ramji Technical Institution would be constructed and brought into operation in the upcoming academic year.

Scholarship programmes would be put in place to increase access of marginalized and impoverished communities’ children to education. Five residential schools will be upgraded in the upcoming fiscal year.

Moreover, the Minister informed that the provincial government would soon begin the process to set up Province Science and Technology Academy along with deemed universities and Academy. Local levels will be encouraged to make children-friendly infrastructures, she said.

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