Tuesday 5th March 2024
Tuesday 5th March 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsKarnali CM Shahi directs province bodies to execute ‘Chha Ba’ policy

Karnali CM Shahi directs province bodies to execute ‘Chha Ba’ policy

KARNALI – Chief Minister of Karnali Province, Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, has underscored on the implementation of the ‘Chha Ba’ policy for the development and prosperity of the province.

The ‘Chha Ba (Six B)’ policy refers to the development of Bato (roads), Bijuli (electricity), Ban (forest), Bazar (market), Byabasthapan (management) and Bichar (mindset).

Chief Minister Shahi said that the ‘Chha Ba’ concept has been incorporated in the policy and programmes of the province government as well, he said while addressing the annual progress review meeting of the province government organised in Birendranagar today.

The province government has promoted the concept of ‘Chha Ba’ as the foundation for the development and economic prosperity of Karnali province. The Chief Minister said there is no option than to execute the ‘Chha Ba’ concept for implementing the long-term vision of “Prosperous Karnali, Happy Karnali Folks”.

“Karnali’s prosperity is not possible without the development of roads, forests, market, management and positive mindset. Development cannot be imagined of without the roads. Connectivity alone is the first basis of Karnali’s development,” he said and directed all the ministries and bodies of the province government for the effective implantation of this concept.

Stating that the development journey cannot proceed ahead without electrification as well, Chief Minister Shahi stressed on carrying out electrification, with the cooperation of the federal government, in the five districts of the province which have not been connected to the central grid.

The Chief Minister stated that Karnali is the fertile land of forests, valuable herbs to high-value agricultural produce. He stressed on conservation of forests and their judicious utilisation. CM Shahi added that marketing and management of these natural resources was equally important for economic growth.

He directed the line ministries and secretaries to start the call for tender process for the big projects within mid-September in order to achieve 100 percent progress in the first quarter of the current fiscal year.

The annual progress review meeting will discuss the works carried out by and the upcoming programmes of all the eight ministries of the province government.

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