Monday 27th May 2024
Monday 27th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsIntra-party conflict resolved- full proposal prepared by Oli and Prachanda

Intra-party conflict resolved- full proposal prepared by Oli and Prachanda

KATHMANDU: The chairmen of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) KP Sharma Oli and Puspha Kamal Dahal have resolved the conflict surrounding their roles within the party. It has been agreed that Prime Minister Oli will run the government for a full tenure of five years and Chairman Prachanda will lead the party.

According to a mutual resolution prepared for the standing committee meeting, which will be convened on Friday, Chairman Prachanda will hold the executive power to conduct party meetings, implement decisions and take the responsibility for the overall work of the party, while PM Oli will focus on the workings of the government without getting involved in the intra-party conflicts.

“In accordance with the constitution of the party, with the consent of both the chairmen and in consultation with the general secretary, the agenda of the secretariat, standing committee, politburo and central committee meeting will be prepared and submitted to the meeting of the concerned committee and the meeting will be conducted accordingly. Furthermore, there will be adopting and strengthening of the institutional system via collective leadership and individual responsibility”, the agreement stated.

Similarly, as per the agreement, PM Oli will not run the government alone and the government’s work will be carried out as per the party’s instructions.

The central committee has also agreed upon to construct the central office building. It has been mentioned that the general convention of the party will be held as per the date fixed by both the chairpersons during the second central committee meeting of the party.

Similarly, since the unification of the party is already in its second year, the two chairpersons have agreed to complete the remaining tasks of the party unification very soon. Chairpersons Oli and Prachanda acknowledged that problems such as misunderstandings in the leadership and lack of consensus on organizational issues had led to unexpected delays in the integration process.

The agreement said that the general convention of the party will be held from 7th April-12th April, 2021 with the consensus in the spirit of unity of the party. There will be a central committee meeting from 3rd November- 5th November, 2020 for the approval of the planning for the convention.

The resolution stated that the government will focus on key issues such as addressing the challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic, resolving border issues, implementing election manifestos and implementing public commitments made by the party and the government. The government will function according to the direction given by the party and work on it’s promises.

The decisions regarding the reorganization and political appointment of the federal council of ministers and the provincial council of the ministers will be made on the basis of suggestions made by the members of the Secretariat, mutual consultation and consensus of the two chairpersons, constitutional arrangements and legal arrangements to a certain criteria. Similarly, it will be on introspection in such a way as to maintain balance in terms of merit, capacity, integrity, continuity and national vision.

Similarly, there has been agreement on the proceeding of the American Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) as per the recommendations of the working committee. Both the chairpersons have agreed to approve the MCC by making required amendments according to the national interest.

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