Sunday 1st October 2023
Sunday 1st October 2023
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House of Representatives meeting obstructed

KATHMANDU – The main opposition party, CPN (UML), obstructed the proceedings of the House of Representatives today soon after the start of the session. The main opposition party lawmakers started sloganeering.

All the agenda of the meeting have been removed after the opposition party’s obstruction and the House meeting has been postponed till Friday. UML lawmaker Surya Bahadur Thapa Chhetri, at the outset of the meeting, voiced his party’s demand that an investigation committee should be formed for probing the gold smuggling scam.

The ruling party lawmakers too stood from their respective seats when Chhetri was putting his views. At this, Speaker Devraj Ghimire requested the lawmakers to take their seats as Chhetri was speaking.

The UML lawmakers picketed the rostrum and started sloganeering after the ruling parties’ MPs took their seats. The CPN (UML) is calling for the formation of a probe committee to investigate into the smuggling in of 100 kgs gold through Tribhuvan International Airport on July 18.

In the meeting, Speaker Ghimire had urged the UML lawmakers to cooperate in the operation of the House business as discussions are on from various angle on the topic related to the gold smuggling scam and the Home Minister has already briefed the House about this matter.

“Parliament is the forum for raising people’s voices. There are several issues like incidents of floods and landslide, among other topics, to be raised in parliament at present,” the Speaker reminded the lawmakers.

Today’s meeting of the House has been postponed after the UML lawmakers continued the obstruction and sloganeering despite the Speaker’s requests to allow the House to carry out its business. The House of Representatives will next meet at 1.00pm on Friday, August 11.

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