Friday 14th June 2024
Friday 14th June 2024
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Attract women’s votes to become PM: Deuba

Four-time Prime Minister Deuba claims he is the champion of women’s rights

KATHMANDU: Nepal Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba has claimed that he is a champion for women’s rights.

Addressing a webinar organized by Mangaladevi Memorial Academy, NC president Deuba, the four-time Prime Minister, said that he has undertaken several initiatives for the empowerment of women and for gender inclusion.

He cited the formation of Women’s Commission, Dalit Commission and foundation for the development of indigenous nationalities for empowering women and other underprivileged groups as some of his key initiatives.

He also urged Nepal Mahila Sangh, a sister organization of Nepali Congress, to work on attracting at least 33 percent of women’s votes.

“We should attract women voters. Mahila Sangh should work on winning women’s votes. We should get votes from all women in villages,” said Deuba, the president of the main opposition party.

Deuba claimed that only his party has ensured reservation for women in the party based on their population.

“You can become Prime Minister later. If you attract more votes, the party will win the election. Otherwise, the party will lose the election. If we win votes, you could become President, Prime Minister or party president,” he said, addressing the webinar.

Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh said he was of the view that more women should be in leadership roles.

Also speaking at the webinar was Dila Sangraula, central working committee member of the NC, who said that the party should file for at least one third of its candidacy in leadership positions of local units in the upcoming election.

Stating that the constitutional provision led to a rise in women’s representation, she said that it was still not enough for gender mainstreaming.

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