Friday 24th May 2024
Friday 24th May 2024
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NA members express mixed views on HoR dissolution

KATHMANDU – Members of the National Assembly have expressed their support as well as dissatisfaction on the dissolution of House of Representatives as well as other issues.

During the special hour of today’s NA meeting, lawmaker Ram Narayan Bidari said that the HoR could not be dissolved at the interest of the prime minister. He said that the constitution of Nepal has adopted a principle of continuity of the HoR, adding that Prime Minister could dissolve HoR only if he/she failed to get vote of confidence.
Leader Bidari opined,” No one should make the constitution powerless. The demand for a fresh mandate is not only from the interest of prime minister.

Similarly, Bimala Poudel said that slogan chanted against the President has insulted all women, stressing that the concerned party should apologies in this connection.  Saying HoR dissolution is meaningless, Mrigendra Kumar Singh said that the case is now at the constitutional bench and appropriate decision would be taken there.

On a different note, he urged the government to take initiative to clear dues of sugarcane farmers.  Likewise, Anita Devkota asked can the government hold the election in the scheduled time. Arguing that the government dissolved the HoR against the sentiments of the constitution, she blamed that the government failed to carryout activities as per the people’s aspiration.

Ram Lakhan Chamar thanked the government for deciding to take action against those sugarcane not clearing dues of the farmers.  Meanwhile, speaking in the zero hour of today’s NA meeting, Udaya Sharma expressed dissatisfaction over HoR dissolution and urged the government to withdraw its move.

Expressing sorrow over the attack on Parliamentary Building in USA, Komal Oli expressed the view that the incident has developed risk on world’s democracy.

Jeevan Budha and Taradevi Bhatta drew government’s attention towards the problems of landslide and flood victims as well as sugarcane farmers. They also urged the government to be accountable towards it.

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