Friday 19th July 2024
Friday 19th July 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsIt feels like climbing Eiffel Tower while ascending Dharahara, PM says

It feels like climbing Eiffel Tower while ascending Dharahara, PM says

KATHMANDU – Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said he was happy to see the reconstruction of the historical Dharahara which he described has its connections with the sentiments and dignity of Nepali and their history.

In his address to an inaugural ceremony of rebuild Dharahara here today, the Prime Minister said it was also a matter of pride for the nation as we have become able to restore the historic monument on our own.

The Dharahara also known as the Bhimsen Tower was flattened by the 2015 April earthquake. “When I was ascending the beautiful, attractive and resilient Dharahara, I felt it was like a climbing of the Eiffel Tower. Air which is felt on the 20th-storey of Dharahara is alike the fresh air which breezes through the Eiffel Tower.

The monument will be known in the word as the identity of Kathmandu and Nepal. I had, as the Prime Minister of Nepal, launched ‘I will build my Dharahara myself ’ on February 16, 2016 and though the campaign could not go ahead as per the expectation, we all are happy to have it rebuilt.’’
On the occasion, he informed that Rs 240 million was accumulated under the campaign. As he said, the newly constructed structure is earthquake-resilient and was built by using modern construction materials.

The Prime Minister also announced to hire each member from the families of 60 people who had lost their lives during the destruction of Dharahara on April 25, 2015 as workforce required for the construction of remaining structures on the Dharahara premises. “If jobs here do not fit for them, they will be given priority in other sectors as well.”

He took time to say that streets in the Kathmandu Valley will be free from street children and beggars in the year 2078 BS. None will be left neglected and the government will take the guardianship of vulnerable groups, according to the Prime Minister. He said the government was effortful to advance Nepal which is enriched with mines and natural resources as a resourceful and donor country. PM Oli said arrangements are being made to establish manufacturers in the country to address the people’s need of essential equipment such as mobile, computer and television sets within the country.

Chief Executive Officer of host National Reconstruction Authority Sushil Gyawali shared that the earthquake and currency museum is being reconstructed in over 42 ropani area in Sundhara. Among others under reconstruction are Sundahra with 24-hour water fountain and parking structures.

Kathmandu metropolis mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya said the task of second phase of the expansion of Rani Pokhari is also taking place soon while the reconstruction of Kashtamandap has also come to a final stage.

On the occasion, it was shared that the structures including Dharahara of which foundation stone laying took place on 27 December 2018 are being constructed by GITC Raman JV Construction.

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