Wednesday 24th July 2024
Wednesday 24th July 2024
गृहपृष्ठPoliticsOur common goal is realisation of prosperity : PM Deuba

Our common goal is realisation of prosperity : PM Deuba

KATHMANDU – Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that our common goal was realising prosperity, sustainable peace, good-governance and development in the country through the federal republic democratic system.
Seeking the vote of confidence in the meeting of Sunday’s meeting of the House of Representatives, PM Deuba assured that the challenges facing the country would be addressed only through common efforts.

Stating that the right implementation and protection of Constitution of Nepal was the common destination for all, the newly appointed PM clarified that through collaboration and shared journey, we could move ahead to realise the common goals.

Citing the fact that the Constitution of Nepal was promulgated through joint efforts of the political parties, Deuba asserted that the protection and strengthening of the constitution was possible through our common efforts.

He was of the view that in multiparty system, it was normal and good to have healthy competition among the political parties subscribing different ideologies and to have healthy criticism. Deuba, who has assumed the premiership for the fifth time, said that he was ready to take forward cooperation and shared journey for addressing common challenges and to realise common goals. The COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest challenge facing the country, the PM said.

Prime Minister Deuba congratulated the parliamentarians in the first meeting of the HoR since the restoration on July 12 after the mandamus of the Supreme Court. The Head of the Government expressed his belief that he would secure continued cooperation and support in future as well.

He said that the repeated dissolution of the House of Representatives had spurred political instability and uncertainty. Furthermore, Deuba extended thankfulness to all leaders of those political parties, parliamentarians who supported him in assuming this executive post.

Also on the occasion, Deuba prayed for the eternal peace of those losing their lives to COVID-19. In his speech, PM Deuba thanked all the frontline workers being deployed to control and prevent COVID-19. PM Deuba also said that safeguarding the people’s lives was the first priority of the government and thanked outgoing PM KP Sharma Oli for his good deeds carried out in the past three and half years.

“We should mend the weaknesses by giving continuity to the good deeds of the past. Also, we should do new jobs,” the PM said in his speech. On the occasion, Deuba reiterated for continued dialogue, cooperation and collective efforts of the government, main opposition and all political parties.

“We (political parties) are not enemies to each other. But, we should work with the aspiration of colleagues to achieve our common goals,” PM Deuba added. Likewise, PM Deuba sought vote of confidence from all the lawmakers in accordance with the Article 76 (6) of the Constitution of Nepal.

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