Sunday 19th May 2024
Sunday 19th May 2024
गृहपृष्ठSpecialNepali Americans elated with Joe Biden’s victory in US Presidential Election

Nepali Americans elated with Joe Biden’s victory in US Presidential Election

-Madhukar Adhikari\WASHINGTON – Immigrants in the US, including in the Nepali community, have celebrated with joy the victory of the Democratic Party’s candidate Joe Biden in the Presidential Elections.

The Nepali community has especially expressed their solidarity with the Democratic Party’s policy on health insurance, gun control, minimum wage increment, among other topics. The reality is that the topic of formulating the required strategy for the prevention and control of coronavirus pandemic has gained primacy in the 2020 Presidential Election, while pushing the other topics to the backburner.

“Joe Biden’s victory has encouraged us, Nepali Americans, to have hope and confidence. This election has again proved that America is a land of possibilities and opportunities,” Maryland general Assembly delegate Harry Bhandari said, reacting to Biden’s election win over Republican candidate and incumbent President, Donald Trump.
Bhandari said the Nepali Americans’ children are also motivated by the election of Kamala Harris, a daughter of immigrant parents, as the Vice President. Bhandari himself is the first Nepali to be elected to the General Assembly of Maryland.

It is believed that the bill initiated by Senators of the Democratic Party in the House will be implemented with Biden’s election win. The bill facilitates those holding the temporary protected status (TPS) to get US citizenship by means of Green Card. About 10 thousand Nepalis would benefit from this.

Khagendra GC, a lawyer working in America, said the process of the Executive President, elected through democratic process and procedures, disapproving the steps initiated in the past through public mandate are the beautiful aspects of US democracy. He believes an executive order might be issued by the President-elect to review several laws related to immigration as he had stated the same during the election campaign.  According to him, the Biden administration is expected to adopt flexible policy especially in regards to TPS and DACA.

“Of late, there were delays in or suspension through executive order on cases related to immigration. I expect things will improve on these fronts,” GC added. Hari Sharma, who is in politics in America, believes that Nepal-US relations will gain new heights with Biden’s victory. He said this election has re-established America’s diversity.

Sharma said that America will adopt a new strategy to move ahead by re-establishing its leadership role globally. He said that Nepalis in America can benefit from health insurance policy and steps to control COVID-19. Radhesh Pandit, who is running a business in America, said that Biden and Harris’s has added enthusiasm among businessmen. He said, “Newly elected President Biden will take effective steps to control the coronavirus, which will increase the morale of investors.”

Recalling the role played by Biden under the Obama administration during the financial crisis of 2008, Pandit added, “Biden is the person the US is pinning its hope on and wishing in this hour.” He said that he is confident that Biden’s team will be more effective.

Nepalis living in the US are confident that the Biden administration will be successful in resolving crises that have surfaced due to coronavirus. Joe Biden, who is now the 46th President of the US, will begin his official duties from Monday. Biden will be inaugurated as the President on January 20, 2021.

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