Wednesday 17th April 2024
Wednesday 17th April 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalANM and Lab Assistant trainings to no longer be provided in Nepal, task force created for solution

ANM and Lab Assistant trainings to no longer be provided in Nepal, task force created for solution

KATHMANDU: The government has stopped its training programs for Auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) and Lab Assistant aspirants. The Medical Education Commission has stopped the admission of new students starting the coming academic semester. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Commission stated that the educational programs would be phased out automatically after the current semester is over.

“According to Article 42 of the Medical Education Act 2075, universities, institutes, and educational institutions will not be allowed to conduct certificate level programs from this academic session. Similar educational programs in operation will be phased out automatically after the graduation of the current batch,” stated the decision.

The meeting also requested the council to not conduct any programs below the certificate level from this academic session as per Article 15 (4) of the Act. The Commission has urged the organizations to run higher-level programs.

“In the case that an institution receives permission from the council to conduct programs related to medical education below the certificate level, they may do so by upgrading to another program within the time frame stipulated by law, or merged with another institution to meet the required criteria,” the meeting said.

The commission has requested for enrolled students to complete their studies in the subjects related to the programs which have been discontinued from this academic session, and that universities, institutes, councils and affiliated educational institutions should arrange provisions to hold their examinations before the set date.

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training has directed the institutions to proceed with the process of permitting institutions that have fulfilled the criteria prescribed by the National Medical Education Act 2075, the decision stated.

Similarly, the Commission has decided to form a working group from the executive committee with the coordinator of the Commission to submit a report with suggestions within three months to solve the issue within the provision.

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