Tuesday 18th June 2024
Tuesday 18th June 2024
गृहपृष्ठNepalKailali flooding: Cattle also on verge of death in lack of food

Kailali flooding: Cattle also on verge of death in lack of food

KAILALI – The incessant rain-triggered flooding has not only risked the lives of the people but also the animals in Kailali.
The flood-displaced people have been forced to survive a precarious life without food while animals and cattle are also facing life threats in lack of food.

Hundreds of families have been forced to stay on the street along with their cattle since this week when the flooding occurred in Bhajani on last Saturday displaced them.

At least three persons have already lost their lives in the flood. Kaluram Chaudhary, 55, of Bhajani municipality-8, Godchaura and Binod Raji, 25, of ward 9 died after being drowned in the flood-fed river. Likewise, Nabina Chaudhary, 19, of Dhangadhi sub-metropolis-13 was also buried to death in the flood.

The flooding has mostly affected the residents of Bhajani. Flood has buried the homes, foodstuffs, and clothes, and also took away paddy field of the locals.

The flood-evicted people are worrying of food for them and their cattle. The helpless people who were forced to take shelter on the road for protection are relying on noodles and beaten rice. They have not found any alternative to feed up the cattle that have been lying hungry for couple of days.

Tulsi Devi BK, a local of Bhajani-8, Sonahafanta Khallatoli, had been residing on road along with her cattle. She was also worrying about food for oneself and cattle.

Likewise, Shanti Devi Chaudhary of ward-8 has also taken shelter with cattle on the road. She shared that all the victims including children and ole-age people were lying hungry. Sharada Devi Chaudhary of ward 8 also has the same story. She had been living on the road with her family members, six goats and a cow for the past four days.

It was very difficult to take shelter on the road with animals, she said, adding the area was stinking on the one hand and on the other the animals were not finding food for long time.

“All displaced families are tensed for the management of food for cattle”, she further said. Issuing a notice, the municipality has appealed to one and all to provide relief support to the flood-affected people of all wards.

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