Monday 17th June 2024
Monday 17th June 2024
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Home Minister assures of reliable security system, effective measures for mitigation of natural disasters

KATHMANDU – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, has said the government is effortful to build an atmosphere for a reliable security system with a due respect to the culture of national unity, social goodwill and mutual harmony.

In his address to lawmakers’ queries over the Appropriation Bill-2080 BS in a meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) today, the Home Minister said, “The government is always committed to promoting geographical integrity, independence and sovereignty of the nation.”

He took time to say that the government would leave no stone unturned to make citizens feel the presence of peace, order and security in the nation. Underlining the need of doing more for the protection of political accomplishments and the Constitution possible following the people’s long struggle, the Home Minister said the government prioritised the containment and prevention of unwanted and illegal activities.

He informed the session that Nepali citizens eligible to get the citizenship certificates would obtain it as per the Constitution adding that no room would be provided for the ‘misuse of citizenship’.

Pledging to take stern measures for the mitigation of natural disasters risk, against drugs abuse, crime and violence against women, the Minister said internal good governance had been strengthened to see the ‘expected’ results in the home administration. As he said, a high-powered commission to investigate the prevalence of loansharking, the residue of feudalism, has been already formed with the objective of serving a justice to the victims.

He informed the House that the government’s previous decision to include a private company in regard with the issuance of national identity had been scraped and the government moves against the nexus to send Nepali to the United States of America in the cover of Bhutanese refugees continued.

In Nepal Police, a proposal has been made for drafting a new law to extend the service tenure for 30 years and it is likely to be presented in the House soon.” Money game in the promotion in Nepal Police has been prohibited,” he said in a response to the accusation by a lawmaker about an ‘unethical’ practice in the police administration.

Talking about government efforts to control cybercrime, to promote good governance, peace and order, he said clear provisions were in place to deal with violence against women with a zero tolerance approach. “The government is working to expedite the national identity distribution procedures,” he said adding that latest provisions in law had eased a ground for children of Nepali citizens to obtain the citizenship certificate.

Promotion of peace and security, implementation of laws, control and prevention of crime, effective service delivery, and the promotion of development and good governance are the priorities of the government as it seeks to pursue a goal of prosperity along with social justice, according to the Minister.

As the Minister said, the government has allocated Rs 193.56 billion for the Ministry for the upcoming fiscal year. Preparations for mitigation of natural disasters The Minister utilised the forum to say that a system equipped with an early warning method has been put in place for the mitigation of natural disasters.

Necessary arrangements for relief were made targeting the districts in eastern Nepal that experienced floods and landslides in recent days and it working to reach among the affected in Dang and Kailali . He said the government opted for a stern policy to contain cross-border smuggling and added that the government had not tightened the imports of daily essential commodities.

“The government adheres to the policy of secularism and the religious freedom. However, it is serious about the forced conversion,” the Home Minister said.

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