Wednesday 24th July 2024
Wednesday 24th July 2024
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DPM Shrestha pledged to promote good governance

HETAUDA – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, has pledged to encourage youths to remain in the country through the promotion of good governance.

In his address to an the inaugural session of the joint celebration of the Radio Sandesh and the Nikas Daily’s birth anniversaries in Hetauda today, the Deputy Prime Minister expressed his commitment to ensuring job opportunities for the youth within the country, along with the assurance of good governance.

He said the government would initiate a campaign to create employment opportunities for the youth within the nation.
As the Deputy Prime Minister said, good governance is mandatory for advancing towards prosperity when corruption has afflicted the country. He urged one and all to cooperate with the government ‘endeavors’ to establish good governance.
“We must create an atmosphere that encourages those working hard in the Gulf to return home,” he stated.

He also added that the government’s decision to postpone the decoration of honors and medals was aimed at removing any irregularities in the selection of nominees, ensuring fairness and transparency in the process.

Home Minister Shrestha said this decision has been taken as the dignity of the medals is diminished due to the situation of ‘buy and sell’ between the medal recipient and the body recommending the same.

Bagmati province government minister for internal affairs and law, Ganga Narayan Shrestha said the provincial government has not been able to incorporate the 100-watt radio due to the legal problems. He said the provincial government is ever ready for the development and promotion of the mass communication media.

The province minister reiterated that along with regulation, the communication media would be encouraged for betterment as well. Bagmati province government minister for social development Kumari Moktan welcomed the present government’s move for promotion of good governance. She thanked the government for withdrawing the hike in the price of petroleum products and thereby providing relief to the people.

Moktan said the Bagmati province is also moving forward with a plan of making the province prosperous by maintaining good governance. The province government is for making the youths self-employed in this connection, she added. Sunil Khadka, Chairman of Nikas Weekly, Radio Sandesh and Thaha Nepal, said they are on the journey of developing the nation through the media sector.

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